Tony and I arrived at 1:30 this morning so I haven’t really seen much of Germany yet. Our flight was delayed by two hours because the Air France baggage carriers went on strike and they had to find some from other airlines to put our luggage onto the plane. Then we had to take two trains from Munich to Garmisch.

What I have learned about Germany so far:

1. Germans like to sing when they’re drunk. There were quite a few Germans singing in the streets last night, and on the train. It made my heart smile and made me think of what it must be like in Ireland. I think we should start a new tradition where Americans sing when they’re drunk. Let’s make up some good drinking songs. Good idea, yes?

2. Germans are way friendlier than French people. Or maybe just friendlier than Parisians. Pretty much everyone in Paris is a stiff unless they’re drunk. And only the really young people seem to drink too much. Older Parisians are too proper to indulge in such things.

3. Not everyone in Germany speaks English. This is a myth, people. Last night two drunk guys on the train to Garmisch were talking to us for about an hour of the ride (until their stop) and they knew about two sentences worth of English. I felt like a mute for the whole ride….I really should have taken some German classes in school.

OK then, the internet is actually really good here. I don’t know who we’re stealing it from but it’s full bars so I’ll take some pictures today and tell you how it is. Hope you’re interested.