When I do the dishes or the laundry or make dinner or any of the other things I do around here I never get thanked for it.

So why do I feel compelled to thank the boy for doing even the slightest good deed around here.

“Oh! You washed A dish! Thanks so much!”

“You finally picked up those socks off the ground! Thanks sweetheart!”

And while we’re talking about men: Why don’t they ever see that there are things to be done?

They could sit in the house all day and not think to start a load of laundry or wash the sink full of dishes.

But when I get home it’s the first thing I notice.

I put down my stuff and go straight to the sink and start washing dishes.

Within seconds the boy’s standing next to me asking if he can help. Why? Because he knows I’m pissed AGAIN. WTF? Why do you have to wait until I’m already mad about this? If you know I’m going to get mad, why not just do it? Oh, because then you’d actually have to do it instead of feigning like you were planning on doing it eventually.

I think it’s true what they say about women having two shifts. Even if you have a boyfriend who believes in women’s rights and what-not, you’re stuck going to your job all day and then coming home and having to do all the housework.

Why did I have to be born without a penis?