I don’t think I’m going to make my goal of reading 52 books by the end of the year (I’d have to read 18 books in the next four weeks!). But I think I’ve read a fairly good amount of books this year. And I’m proud of myself for making it more than halfway there.

Recently I read two really good books. The first, The Adventures of Kavlier and Clay by Michael Chabon, is a historical novel about New York City comic book writers during WWII. I loved Chabon’s attention to detail and his ability to make scenes come alive. The story is really interesting, especially the parts about Joe Kavalier escaping from Nazi-occupied Prague and trying to get his family out as well. However, if you plan to read this book prepare yourself. It’s super duper long. It looks short, but when you get halfway through you’ll start asking yourself how long it really is and you’ll realize you’ve been fooled with super thin pages. It’s more than 600 pages long! And the ending is really disappointing compared with the rest of the book.

Second, I just finished The Namesake last night. It’s by Jhumpa Lahiri and is a story about an Indian family that moves to the United States. It shows the differences between the parents, who still have close ties to India, and the children who are embarrassed of their heritage. The story follows Gogol Gugali through his life, but leaves out large portions of it. It’s more like snapshots really. I really enjoyed the book, except for the character of Moushoumi, who reminded me way too much of myself. I hated her for breaking Gogol’s heart and in the worst possible way. Their marriage and her attitude were SO similar to the attitude I had when I was married. It made it really difficult for me to read this part of the book because I was too emotionally involved in it and I found myself doing self-analizations. So not fun.

As for the book itself, I highly recommend it. It made me really curious about Indian culture and made me really want to travel there. It also made me realize how ignorant I am about the Indian culture, which made me a little sad actually.