I’m on vacation this week. That means I slept in until 2 p.m. today and then spent the balance of the day surfing the Internet, watching French cartoons and basically lazing as much as possible. It also means I can’t sleep. I’ve been browsing through blogs, chatting with Tony and stalking just about everyone I know for the past few hours, and yet here I am, still online.

The only really productive thing I managed to do today was writing my Statement of Purpose for my grad school application. I know I haven’t really ever mentioned this before, mostly because it’s a recent development that I might be going back to school.

Early last week I found out Tony and I will be leaving Europe much earlier than we’d planned. For the past year we’ve been talking about spending at least two years here, if not more. But, for a number of reasons, it now looks as though we’ll be coming back in May, only six months from now. One of the main reasons we have to move back is because Tony received one of those doomsday letters from Sac State saying he didn’t really graduate because he’s missing one of the classes required to receive his degree, meaning he has to go back to school in the fall.

Initially I was a big sobbing mess, feeling as though my grand escape had been foiled somehow. I felt as though I’d told everyone I was going to do big things and instead I’m ending up right back where I began. But after about ten minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I began working out a new plan.

I popped open my computer and began researching other possibilities. For some time I’d been thinking of returning to school to get my teaching credentials. This desire has since been compounded by me learning, in my few months here, one of the best ways to move abroad is with a student visa.

As I continued researching I found out you can’t do a study abroad option if you’re only registered in the credential program. You have to be registered as either an undergrad or a graduate student. I found a graduate program at my old alma mater that seems to fit me perfectly, so I’m applying for it. This means both Tony and I will be going back to school in the Fall if I’m accepted. While I’m working on the prerequisites for the graduate program I’ll be learning German and applying for the German study abroad program, which specializes in teacher education (one of the main focuses of my graduate program).

Although it’s a change in plans, it’s not a step back. I can now not only live abroad, but also receive my graduate degree while doing it. Hopefully it will also mean that I’ll have financial aid and scholarships so I won’t have to work three jobs as I did as an undergrad.

Now that I’ve worked out a new direction for myself, I’m really glad that life forced me to change my path. And I’m excited I’ll be home again for a bit longer. I’ve decided to think of this stay in Paris as a trial run for the big move in 2009. I’m just glad I’m not one of those people who is afraid of change. If I were, I’d probably be in a loony bin by now with all the changes I make every day. There’s something to be said for those of us with adaptable personalities.

All I have to do now is cross my fingers that I’m accepted into the program. I’ll be meeting with the advisor at Sac State on the Monday I’m back in town. I hope he has some good insight about my application before I turn it in…