So basically, I have two weeks off here pretty soon. And, well, I was planning on going to England to get my brit-speak on. BUT then I started thinking about how much it would really cost. You know, it’s only about 80 euros to fly there and back. But then with the cost of the youth hostel for a week, plus all the souvenirs I’d buy, and food of course…well it started to add up to more like 400 euros. SO I thought, why not just fly to the U.S.? Especially with this fab low-fare offer I saw this morning on American Airlines.

What’s that you say? Did Rebecca really just say she’s coming to America?

Oh, yes, it’s true my dear friends. And what makes this package even better? Well, I’ll tell you: I’m going to be in Sacramento at the same time as M-Doll!!!

So put your party hats on and get ready to enjoy 4 fab days with yours truly. See you all Nov. 2!!!!

Let the countdown begin!