Christmas is coming early for me this year. In fact it’s getting here even before Thanksgiving. That’s because the only thing I want in the whole world right now is for Tony to get here. And he’ll be here in 34 days! (Note: I had to put the exclamation point so my mind would think that 34 days is actually close even though it’s not.)

I’m so super excited that he’s almost here. I can remember when I started the countdown and it said 76 days ’til Tony arrives. That was a really defeating moment for me. But now we’re down to 34 and I feel like I’m counting down to Christmas.

For once in my life I really wish time would go faster. It’s taking way too long for Tony to get here is I guess all I’m really trying to say.

Anyway, I miss you all super duper lots and I wish you could be here or vice versa. I don’t like being all by myself. Oh, besides the roommate I’ve accumulated….but that’s a story for another day…