It’s been awhile since I’ve written, mostly because I haven’t had anything positive to write and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer when I’m living in Paris. BUT today I have lots of great things to say. It really bothers me that every weekend here is the best weekend EVER and then every weekday sucks balls. I guess that’s what having a real job is always like.

Um, so the non-Debbie Downer stuff:

With all of the odds against them, both England and France won their places in the semi-finals yesterday. I’ve been watching these two teams throughout the Rugby World Cup and they haven’t played spectacularly, but last night the stars were aligned in their favor because they beat out New Zealand and Australia who were the two favorites for making it to the finals. Now the Rugby World Cup is getting really exciting because with two of the top teams out of the running it’s anybody’s games.

And the poor Aussies. They had two penalty kicks in the last ten minutes of the match. Had they made even one of those kicks it would have sealed them in as the winners of the match. Their kicker is not a popular guy this morning. Final score England v. Australia 12-10. Final score France v. New Zealand 20-18. I mean really, these guys pulled out a win by the skin of their teeth.

The most exciting part was the celebration afterward. Everybody was dancing in the streets and singing and cheering and waving French flags well into the early morning. I loved the atmosphere.

Other news….I woke up this morning with a hang over from the Rugby excitement last night and ran a 10K. I think I actually did pretty well too, especially considering the night before. I think my time was something like 75 minutes, although I haven’t gotten the exact time back yet.

I finally have a comforter for my bed! It’s so warm and cozy and makes me feel a million times better. Something about a cozy bed makes home feel much better.

Oh and some pics for you guys. These are pretty much my favorite people in Paris:

(Remi, me, Anthony)

(Me, Daniel)

Super lots of fun. There would have been more pictures but a couple of people are camera shy around here.