I looked outside this morning and thought it looked cold out. But it didn’t look like it was going to rain. I debated bringing my umbrella and decided on a no. That was my first mistake of the day.

The rain gods were punishing me today. For what, I don’t know. What I do know is that there were no rainclouds in the sky, but as soon as I was about to exit my vehicle the rain began pouring down. And as soon as I got back into my car the rain would stop. Coincidence? No. It’s the rain gods.

In addition to the punishment from the rain gods, I was yelled at by some French guy today for parking next to his car. Granted, I was double parked, but there were about thirty other cars parked there too. And I made sure to leave room for him to be able to get out. I guess he was afraid of scraping his crap car on my crap car. So instead he stood outside his car smoking a cigarette until I got there. And then proceeded to lecture me about how I made him wait for half an hour. (I was only gone for 15 minutes at the most). If I had been at home I probably would have said something like, “Well, would you prefer to wait another half an hour while we discuss this or do you want me to get in my car and drive off?” But instead I just said, “Desolée” and got in my car.

Then again, if I were at home I wouldn’t have been double parked.

For some reason though, this confrontation sparked an emotional breakdown for me. As I drove home I started thinking about how much I want to go home and how much I hate taking care of kids and on and on and on until, by the time I got home, I had worked myself into a crying mess. I couldn’t really explain all that to my boss because, really, it was just me being over-emotional. She gathered it was probably the stress from the confrontation with that guy, which looking back now is probably a correct conclusion.

Having already had this kind of day, it was only bound to get worse, which it did….when I sideswiped a parked car. I know, I know, you don’t even have to bother with the jokes about female drivers. It really wasn’t ALL my fault though. The guy was parked illegally on the right and was taking up my entire lane. And to my left there was a giant city bus. So I tried to squeeze between the two and…well, I just didn’t fit. The other car really didn’t look that bad, but my beautiful little car now has a giant scratch all the way down her passenger side.

Oh, and this happened in front of a whole row of stores so all the employees and customers came out onto the street to see what happened and stared at me like I was the devil so I was forced to leave a note instead of driving away even though the other car didn’t even really have much damage. And in it’s own turn, that meant I had to tell my boss about the accident instead of pretending somebody must have hit me while I was illegally parked.

Oh, oh, oh, and then right when I got home today it started pouring down rain. And I mean buckets full. You could hear it on the roof and there was lightning and everything. So I had to walk a block in the rain in only a t-shirt and jeans.

I really wish I’d taken my umbrella this morning.