And the winner is….

My little sister Kati! Somehow, despite my parents utterly ignoring my youngest sister and treating her like she’s a huge pest, the girl has managed to talk her way into a trip to France. Yay for Kati!

Since about July she’s been asking me for information on how to get a passport and a plane ticket, but I haven’t been very hopeful because I know how difficult it can be to get my parents to do anything. And because Kati is under age 14, she needs BOTH of my parents to go with her to the post office to apply for her passport. Not only that but she needed a copy of her birth certificate as well as all the other accompanying info (social security number, passport photos, etc.).

But somehow today she finally managed to pull it off. She somehow found her birth certificate in the mounds of garbage at my parents house. She got her social security number from me (I have no idea why I had it, but I did). And today she finally got my parents to the post office! That’s a huge hurdle. If she can do that then I know she’s for sure coming to visit me. Yay! I’m going to have visitors.

She’s coming in December for my birthday and Christmas I believe, which makes me super excited. I have a whole week off after Christmas so I’ll get to spend super lots of time with her. Unfortunately it also means I have to make a trip to EuroDisney and pay their extortionist prices for entry and basic accomodations, like food. It will be fun though, I know it. Especially considering nobody will be there in December so we won’t have to wait in line or listen to a bunch of screaming children.

So, anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with the world.

Any other visitors coming my way?

How about a group reunion in Paris in the spring???