I spent pretty much my entire weekend in an English pub watching rugby, but since it seems like most of you are completely disinterested in my rugby encounters, I’ll talk about something else.

Awhile back I wrote about bookcrossing.com and how cool I thought it was. I never really took full advantage of the site though. But now that my reading material is pretty much nill (have you noticed the lack of book reviews around here lately) I’ve decided to go back and have a look at the site. What I found is that you can “hunt” for books in certain areas. So I signed up to get notices when people drop a book off in my district of Paris.

Last night I received my first notification. It said a book had been left two days ago at the Palais de Tokyo. And it had the picture above with a description of why the it was left there. Well, two days seems like quite awhile so I thought for sure the book wouldn’t still be there, but I went anyway. I felt really weird looking around this statue for a book. But I also felt like I was on some kind of treasure hunt. It was really actually kind of exciting.

Long story short, I found the book. It’s called “Malices des Singes.” I’m not really sure what it’s about, but I’m going to attempt to read it (French dictionary in hand). When I’m done I plan to hide it somewhere for someone else to find.

Seriously, I can’t even explain why I find this so exciting, but I do. I really feel like it’s a big treasure hunt in the city for me.

So, uh, you should all go sign up and start hiding books in your town. Yes? Yes.