Last night I went to an English pub to watch the rugby. Australia clobbered Japan, with a final score of 91-3. Watching this game was really painful because the Japanese were just no match for the massive Australian team. It didn’t help either that Japan was down a few players due to injury.

The second game I watched was of course England v. USA (the real reason we were at an English pub to watch the match). I was the only American in my group, but not the only one in the bar. I was surprised to see that our team put up a pretty good fight. We went out 28-10, although we scored our only try in the last 10 minutes of the game (a rugby game is 80 minutes, two 40-minute halves). The English also showed their strength when Tom Rees made a try near the end of the game, despite having four U.S. players pushing him back from the line.

I was proud though that we didn’t give away the game. We almost had another try, but the touch was made just after the whistle blew for a “foul” (I think it’s called an infringement in rugby). They had to replay it to decide whether to give the points to the U.S. or not. That’s how close it was 😦

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading more about the U.K.-U.S. game you can go here and if you want to read about the other matches you can go here.

Also, for those of you who are thoroughly confused about rugby, you can learn some of the basics here.

Oh, one last thing.

How cornfed do some of our players look? Like Mark Aylor:

I guessed he was from Nebraska or Utah. Turns out he’s from Texas. Pretty much the same thing though, yes?

And the all-around California boy here:

In the game he had his hair in a ponytail so he looked like a hippy. I guessed he was from either Berkeley or Long Beach. He’s from Palm Springs. Oh, and his name’s Todd. How much more California-surfer-guy can you get?

You can check out the other players on the Rugby World Cup website (above).