I hope you aren’t all bored with these blogs yet. I haven’t got much else to do at the moment, since work doesn’t start until Monday.

Today I walked probably at least six miles. I also went WAY outside the city. I was looking for IKEA and one of the metro guys told me I had to take the RER to Montigny-Beauchamps. It’s a 6 euro roundtrip ride on the RER. And the damn store wasn’t even there. As I was getting on the train I thought to myself, “I should just go to that Monoprix I saw yesterday on rue Daguerre.” But the call of IKEA was just too strong, so I went. It ended up being about an hour of wasted time, but I did see a different side of Paris (Beauchamps is actually its own little town). People actually have houses out there. Of course, there weren’t many people there. It was a much different feel. And I didn’t want to stay for too long, so I ordered a panini and got on the next train back to town.

I ended up going to Monoprix, but remembered there was one on the Champs-Elysees, which is closer to home than rue Daguerre. I was in one of the tourist meccas of France and thought of embracing it and taking a picture of l’Arc de Triomphe for you all, but then I thought better of it. L’Arc never looks nearly as imposing in pictures anyway.

Some good news: I found my metro stop finally. I kept trying to find it by walking to it, but with my terrible sense of direction I always ended up at a metro stop further up the line. So last night I took the metro home to the stop I’d been looking for so that I’d know where it was at. (I also walked about six blocks in the opposite direction from my apartment once I got off. I had to ask some old lady which way my street was once I was pretty certain I was definitely going the wrong direction.)

One cool thing I saw near my metro stop was this house:

Sorry, the picture isn’t very good because I was trying to take it quickly before everyone realized there was a tourist on the loose.

Also, by going the wrong direction when I got off the metro I discovered a grocery store only a couple blocks from my house. When I first got here I went to my old neighborhood because I knew where all the stores were, but it was FAR. I’m glad I’m getting to know my new neighborhood, although I am a bit sad not to be living near the Trocadero anymore.

I also took some pictures of the outside of my building but I decided not to post them just in case some creepy Frenchman sees it on here and figures out where it is. Gotta be careful when you’re a girl living on your own.

I did take a picture of what I’m eating right now though. SO delicious. Pain au lait with Nutella. Pain au lait is essentially sweet bread and it really brings out the yummy nutella flavor. Oh, and I don’t know if you can tell by the picture (below) but a lot of the jars here are made to be reused. They don’t have screw-top lids. Instead they’re fitted lids that slide on and off. The glass jar becomes a drinking glass after you’ve used up all the product. If people collect these you can tell what type of foods they buy. Mine will all be nutella glasses I’m sure. My French family’s collection is of mustard jars. I’ll take a picture of it when it’s empty so you can see what I’m talking about. A bientot mes cheris.