Don’t even try to pretend you don’t love my new super-exclamatory subject lines.

I just wanted to let everyone know that after more than 24 hours of being in transit, I finally made it to Paris. I was stuck in the Boston airport yesterday for six hours. The Boston airport, for the record, is the worst airport EVER. Granted, they’re doing construction on it so it may improve. But for the time being it sucks balls, especially when trapped there for six hours.

Note to self: In the future, do not use frequent flyer miles to purchase international travel. You will be stuck in the Boston airport for six hours.

Moving on…

My new apartment is AMAZING! Some of you have heard of my old Paris apartment, which was about the size of an American walk-in closet. It was one room that contained the toilet, shower, stove, closet and bed. Kinda not the best place to have guests, unless of course you like your guests to watch you take a pooh while they’re also watching TV and eating dinner.

This apartment though. Oh, you can all start planning your trips to visit me now. It’s definitely not an American apartment, but it’s nice if you’re poor and living in Paris. (Trust me, I’ve seen far worse places). Not only does it have a separate bathroom and kitchen area, but it has two, count ’em TWO, futons. That means you may not have to sleep on the floor if you visit.

And the best part? I have a BALCONY! And not some dinky balcony. It’s a balcony big enough for a dinner table and chairs. I am SO eating out there whenever possible. So, here’s the view from my apartment:

OK, so I’m going to go now. I just wanted to let you all know I was safe and super excited. I’m off to find my way around. I still live in the 16th, but am not very close to a Metro station. I’m off to see if I can find one within walking distance.

Miss you all and will continue to write as long as I can steal this internet connection from whoever is paying for it.