Today I emptied out my safety deposit box and in it I found all the proofs from my wedding, which seems like a million years ago now. Looking at these pictures I can now see what everyone meant when they said we were too young to be getting married. We thought we were SO mature, but look at these pictures:

My youngest brother was only one! Look at my family. Half of us weren’t even out of high school yet.

Then there’s this one (above) of Matt and Kati. They look like they’re five! Oh, wait they are.

Oh, and check out these totally cheese-o-rama pictures of me:

Only six years later I’m not even close to the girl I was when I got married. I can’t imagine wanting to have a big fat white wedding now. Looking through all these pictures (of which there are hundreds) I couldn’t help laughing at them. There are very few I could imagine retaking today. Although, there were these few that at least made me smile.

Anyway, just thought I’d share since there’s really nothing else I can do with these pictures now.