As you all know I’ve been slowly purging my apartment of all unwanted items. I’ve made about seven trips to Goodwill in the last couple of weeks, all with me carrying small loads. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I packed all my winter clothes into one of the two bags I’ll be taking with me. I thought I was going to have extra room for some books and jewelry I’ve been keeping around just in case it will fit. There was no extra room for anything.

I ended up taking out four pairs of jeans that I was hoping to shrink into and a bunch of sweaters I’ll probably never wear. Then I looked around and realized I have WAY too much stuff to fit into just one other bag. It was time to get real with myself – a sad, sad thing to do. I ended up with three bags of clothes for Goodwill, along with a bunch of other random stuff in my Goodwill box.

I know I’ll be grateful to not be burdened with all of this stuff when I’m in France, but it’s so hard to part with it right now. I don’t know why. Why do people get so attached to clothes and STUFF?

Oh, and I still have six pairs of shoes. Those are definitely NOT going to fit in my backpacking backpack. What’s a girl to do without extra shoes to choose from? Sad day for sure. Packing tips anyone?

Oh yeah, I also read another book: Harry Potter No.7. Woohoo! It was super long (750 pages) but I still read it in only one day. I just cannot put those books down once I get started. And can I just say right now that I’m disgusted with myself for being part of the HP bandwagon? Ick. But yay all at the same time! Anyway, I’m not really going to talk about it too much because I know how much everyone hates spoilers with these books (not that there’s really anyone left who wants to read it and hasn’t).

Okay, then. Only three weekends left here and then I’m gone. Suddenly the pressure is getting to me. All this packing really made it hit home that I’m leaving. And I think I’m going to make Tony crazy with all my worrying about what I should pack and what I should throw out. How do we accumulate so much stuff? And why does life seem to be moving in fast forward all of the sudden? It’s maddening. Really.