I’m on deadline today so of course I’m procrastinating, which means I had time to write a new nervous breakdown. Yay for you guys! For some of you it might be a repeat, but it’s a good one so you should read it. I should warn you though, it’s a bit long. Sorry!

Also, I finished another book this weekend.

I read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. It’s a fictional memoir about a hermaphrodite who was raised as a girl. She learned at puberty that she should have actually been raised as a boy and she decides to change genders. It’s an interesting book about a group not often talked about in the mainstream. It’s also REALLY long. It goes through three generations, beginning in 1922 and ending in 2001, aka 529 pages. I’d recommend it though if you want to learn more about hermaphroditism and what causes it.