This morning I was walking to the store and I suddenly remembered the saddest thing about moving to France: No Mexican food.

Growing up in California, I’ve pretty much had Mexican food at my fingertips my whole life. Not only that, but I’ve taken on a slight addiction to it. In fact, I pretty much eat some form of Mexican cuisine every single day. Part of the reason I eat so much of it is that it’s fairly inexpensive for the amount you can get.

But in France, where the land of rice, beans and tortillas isn’t just beyond the border, Mexican food is EXPENSIVE. An example: A Corona in Sacramento bars costs on average $2. In France you’d be lucky to get a Corona for $6. The Mexican food section at a French grocery store takes up about six inches of space. The variety is this: salsa and tortilla chips. There are no refried beans. There are no chilis or sauces or tamale wraps. And like I said it’s not cheap.

And don’t even think of ordering a Mexican dish at a restaraunt. Trust me, it’s a mistake. I ordered nachos once and it was tortilla chips, lettuce, salsa and sour cream. But not even real salsa, it was like tomato sauce with some tomato chunks thrown in to give it a salsa look.

Oh, I’m so sad right now. And starting today I’m going to be gorging myself on Mexican food so by the time I leave I’ll be so sick of Mexican food I’ll be glad for the reprieve.