I went to the dentist today because I’ve been having really terrible tooth pain lately. It’s been less than six months since my last check up and round of fillings, so my dentist was pretty surprised when she found that I have a couple of teeth in desperate need of fixing. I have three new cavities and at least three cracked fillings. My dentist asked if I’ve been under a lot of stress. I said no because I pretty much just laze by the pool all day. But I have been having really bad nightmares for the past couple of weeks and I often wake up with my teeth clenched together.

I didn’t really notice the teeth-clenching thing until my teeth started hurting every day. Once I noticed I tried keeping my mouth open a little when I sleep or unclenching my teeth if I caught myself clenching them. Unfortunately the damage is already done though. I have to have at least $1,200 of work done and if I’m feeling really flamboyant I can get some optional work done for an extra $1,700. Shyeah right.

Whatevs. I’m just going to count on my now-trusty orajel for relief on the days after a bad nightmare. Perhaps in the meantime I should try focusing on happy thoughts before bed so as not to upset the dream fairy.