I know I just posted a blog, so I’m sorry if this is overload.

What is going on with the Supreme Court? They are basically undoing, piece by piece, every bit of progress that has been made in the past 30 years. First they put constraints on abortion. Then last week they ruled that freedom of speech does not extend to schools when they ruled that students in Alaska were wrong for holding up a sign that said “Bong hits for Jesus.” Now, today I read that they’re basically turning back the clock on Brown v. Board of Education. No, they didn’t actually reverse the decision, but they have made a decision that says school districts cannot enforce integration by focusing on race. Um, isn’t that the whole point of integration?

The majority ruled that school districts will still be able to allow for integration by drawing boundaries in such a way that there isn’t segregation. Sure, I bet that will happen in the south. Like those people haven’t just been waiting for this opportunity to resegregate their schools. As though the black/white boundaries aren’t still found in their communities. What are they going to do, draw a squiggly line so they can get some minorities in there? Ugh again today.

And a quote from the New York Times story:

“In his written opinion, Justice Breyer said the decision was a “radical” step away from settled law and would strip local communities of the tools they need, and have used for many years, to prevent resegregation of their public schools. Predicting that the ruling would “substitute for present calm a disruptive round of race-related litigation,” he said, “This is a decision that the court and the nation will come to regret.”

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