I’ve talked about my weird phobias before, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone into too much detail. In my new Nervous Breakdown post there are some interesting ones there, and you can list your own weird ones on the comment board there. I want to know who has the weirdest childhood phobia.

Also, after I finished writing it I realized I have more than those listed. For instance, when I was younger I hated the sound of the toilet flushing. It was always too loud and it scared me stiff, so I’d always stand as far away as possible while still being able to reach the handle. Then I’d flush it real fast and cover my ears as tight as I could. I was also afraid snakes would come out of the toilet. I also have a fear of using those outhouses at national parks. I always worry that some wild animal has found their way in there and will bite my butt. Weird, right?

For more weird beliefs/phobia from my childhood go here. And click on the first link in there. I think you’ll laugh. Or maybe you’ll just be really creeped out.

And for those of you still reading my book reviews, I’ve just finished another one: JPod by Douglas Coupland.

JPod is a novel about a cubicle pod where all six people in the group have last names starting with the letter “J.” It’s a glitch in the system that could be easily fixed, but instead the company keeps it. Anybody who gets thrown into JPod can’t escape. The last person who left the group only got out because they died.

Anyway, the book is about a typical office environment, with all the jokes, games and e-mails you’d find from our generation. It’s set at a gaming company where the members of the pod are designing a skateboarding game that eventually gets ruined by corporate executives. Ethan, the main character, also has a really weird home life that feels a little strange in the beginning of the book, but it kind of grows on you.

I specifically liked all the techy jokes in this book. Some of them I didn’t get because I’m not that big of a geek, but I googled them and then they were funny. One such example comes from the last line of the first chapter: “And so the order was issued to make our new turtle character ‘accessible’ and ‘fun’ and the buzzword is so horrible I have to spell it out in ASCII: ‘{101,100, 103, 121}.'”

Seriously, if you’re from the tech generation you should read this book. It looks daunting at first because it’s pretty thick, but many of the pages are taken up with short blogs, letters to Ronald McDonald and interesting words to google.