Adventures in Trash

As promised, I have posted a review of Book 8 on The Nervous Breakdown. The book was Garbage Land by Elizabeth Royte, whom I had the privilege of interviewing. I also began my own adventure in Garbage Land, and let me tell you there are no Garbage Fairies who miraculously make our trash disappear. But enough of that, you must go to The Nervous Breakdown post haste and leave me some love AFTER reading the post. It will be much appreciated.

Smells I love to hate

So you haven’t left for my garbage post yet, huh? Well, in that case let me tell you about how much I HATE jasmine. It’s the smell of summer and everyone seems to love it because it’s EVERYWHERE and it’s the strongest smelling plant I believe I have ever encountered. In case you don’t know what jasmine is, I have a photo:

In addition to my hatred of jasmine, I also despise the smells juniper and freesia, which are often found in body lotions and sprays. Gro-oss. I tend to like the non-flowery non-fruity lotions. Something that smells clean and fresh, but not like I just stepped out of a fruit basket.

However, I have recently discovered a girly smell that I quite enjoy. And that, my friends, is Tide’s new Lavendar-scented laundry detergent. Seriously, this stuff is heaven.

I totally stole this picture from their Web site. Hopefully they won’t sue me since I was giving them props. But then, you can never trust these big corporations anymore.

Dumb instructions

On to our last topic: I hate when you buy a new product and it has ridiculous instructions to accompany it. Luckily, I didn’t actually buy this product so I can’t be that upset about it. I received it as a free sample in the mail. What is it? Dove’s new Energy Glow daily moisturizer with subtle self-tanners

In the instructions I am specifically told not to apply the product to places I wouldn’t normally want tanned, such as the bottoms of my feet and the palms of my hands. Um, does anyone else here apply lotion with the backs of their hands? I don’t think it would be possible to apply lotion without getting it on the palms of my hands. Perhaps some better instructions would be to wash my hands after applying the lotion in order to keep my palms from looking jaundiced.

Okay, now go to The Nervous Breakdown if you haven’t already been there. Thanks!