I am officially in the lead after a rough start yesterday.

Rebecca: 2

Here’s how the day went yesterday:

I warmed up a bit first. Tried to get up my nerve by touching a bicycle:

Then I saw a motorcycle parked in front of a coffee shop, but it’s owner was also parked in front of the coffee shop (I knew because he was wearing nearly all leather). So I skipped that one and touched a shopping cart instead:

Then a few blocks down I saw a motorcycle and almost had the guts to touch it, but I backed out at the last minute and pretended to be texting someone instead as I just held up my finger near the bike:

Then I saw one in front of a Mexican restaurant and I knew I had to do it. I couldn’t have three missed opportunities. So I stood in front of the bike for what seemed like five minutes and I pretended to be texting someone. Finally I got up the courage and I touched it:

Before heading home I saw another motorcycle and I touched it too. I’m going to have to get even gutsier this weekend though and touch something other than the seat, otherwise all my pictures are going to look the same:

Alright Melissa, it’s your turn to touch some danger. Best of luck!