Book 9: Falling Through the Earth by Danielle Trussoni

I first heard about this book on The Nervous Breakdown when Trussoni posted an excerpt from her book, a memoir. The excerpt was about doing acid and was really funny to me despite having never done it myself. After reading this one passage from her I wanted to see what other mischief she’d gotten into so I went out and got the book, only to find out that it really isn’t about a rebellious teenage existence. It was even better.

The memoir is about growing up in a home tainted by the Vietnam War, where Trussoni’s father served as a Tunnel Rat. The book intermingles memories of Trussoni’s childhood and her father’s recollections of Vietnam. The story is about a young girl who, no matter his faults, loves her dad. She stands by his side through a divorce, in which her mother keeps her other two siblings. She spends most of her childhood at the neighborhood bar listening to her dad tell war stories when he’s drunk enough to want to talk about it. And she becomes a defiant teenager just like all of us. In the end (well, it’s actually a storyline throughout the book) Trussoni goes to Vietnam to try to quell the demons she’s seen through her father’s eyes. It’s a frightening experience, and Trussoni tells it with such description you actually feel like you’re there with her.

This book is by far the best memoir I’ve read recently. I learned a lot about Vietnam that I didn’t know (I never heard of Tunnel Rats). And even though my childhood was nothing like Trussoni’s, I really connected with her character. Being the oldest daughter and being a daddy’s girl doesn’t change: we’re loyal to the end, even when we show him tough love. You MUST read this book.

The Danger Touch Challenge

Yesterday on The Nervous Breakdown there was a story about Danger Touch, inspired by a photo taken by Greg Boose (one of my favorite writers on the site). When I read it, I thought the game was hilarious and I challenged my good friend M-Doll to participate with me. The challenge has now begun and you shall be able to watch it unfold here. I can’t wait to see how far this goes.

Fortune Cookie Disappointment

The fortune cookie factory is on the left, right next to the noodle factory.

I finally went into the fortune cookie factory yesterday, thanks to my good friend, Chason. The cookies smelled delicious as usual, but I was disappointed to find out that the cookies are made mechanically and not by hand. This surprised me because there are always a lot of people working in there. I wonder what they’re all doing?