Seriously, every time I get an extra dollar something expensive in my life has to break. I thought that was all over when I got rid of my car, but no. Someone up there really hates me because now that the car is gone, they’ve resorted to destroying my poor little laptop. Yesterday when I tried to close the lid on my laptop it made all kinds of cracking and popping noises. Turns out the hinge is broken and when I tried to close it the keyboard part started popping up to compensate.

I totally thought this was made out of metal for some reason (maybe because it’s silver), but it’s all plastic. It all just broke off in the back. So much for the screws, they’re still in there but the plastic broke and the screws aren’t holding anything together anymore. Cost to repair: at least $150. Fuckers. Whoever you are up there, I shake my fist at you! Do you hear me?!?!

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