Yesterday I ran my second 10K, and even managed to beat my first time by two minutes (final score was 1:16:29). But it was a killer. Every muscle in my body aches today. Even my back muscles ache, which always weirds me out because I don’t feel like they really get used.

Anyway, the half marathon is only a month away and it’s double the length of the 10K. That means it’s time for me to really get serious about running. Unless of course I want to nearly die in May when I try to run 13 miles. It’s going to be HOT in May, especially in the Central Valley so it’s going to be even harder. But I’m determined to make it to the finish line. After yesterday though I’m not sure I’ll be able to run the whole thing. I do know I can at least run half of it. That’s a plus, right?

Oh, funny story. At mile four of yesterday’s race a race authority stopped me make sure I didn’t need medical attention for the severe sunburn on the left side of my face. I made him run next to me because I was determined not to stop. And since the real story would have taken awhile to explain I just told him it was a birth defect that made my face only turn red on one side. I think he felt like he’d offended me by bringing it up. At least it gave me something to laugh about for the rest of the race.

P.S. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find out here.