For those of you who live in Sacramento you can check me out on the last page of the Sacramento News and Review until tomorrow (sorry I’m a bit late putting this up). If you’re lazy or you don’t live here, you can read my interview with the owners of Grind and Groove, Sacramento’s newest sex boutique here.

Also, the funeral has been postponed. More details about the reasons why will be given in my next nervousbreakdown piece (if I ever finish writing it).

Oh, and on Friday I went to my cousin’s wedding in Utah. No less than three people asked me if I remembered my wedding. Um, yeah, I do. Don’t think I’m going to forget it anytime soon. But thanks for bringing it up.

Actually it wasn’t really that bad until my dad, who waited until the dad/daughter dance, asked me if I remembered dancing with him at my wedding. At that point I had to leave because I couldn’t keep myself from crying. Is it weird that I got that upset about it when the divorce was almost two years ago now AND I’m in a committed relationship? I don’t know. I guess weddings are just emotional, and it doesn’t help that my family has no tact.

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying this fab weather. I know I am!