I’ve been committed to watching American Idol this season, but to be honest I don’t think anybody is really “idol” quality. It makes the season interesting though I think because there’s no sure winner.

The only other season I’ve watched was the Carrie Underwood season. I spent the whole season rooting for Carrie and Bo Bice. But this season I wish they’d turn the voting around. Instead of us voting for who we think is best, we should vote for the worst singer on the show. Seriously there are four contestants still on the show only because they weren’t quite as bad as the other contestants, not becasue they can actually sing.


How on Earth is he still on this show? The boy is a creepy Michael Jackson look-alike, who has no voice and no confidence.

Oh, and Phil Stacy?

Gross! Seriously, they will be two of the first to go. That is if Haley Scarnato doesn’t get kicked of first.

I missed last night’s show because I was sledding with my sister, but I see that Antonella finally got kicked off. I held a little celebration just now. Oh and that creepy black guy. I didn’t like him at all (so much that I don’t even know his name). He would have been my Constantine this season, so I’m glad he got kicked out early. I was sad to see Sundance go, but his performances really haven’t been that great since his first audition. He should have stuck with the blues.

Has anybody else been watching this? Do you think there are any sure winners? I think Blake (the beat box guy) is just about the only one that has “the X factor” (or whatever Simon calls it).

I’m not saying I don’t like Melinda and Lakisha. They have, by far, the best voices on this show. I’m just not sure they stand out as different from anyone else.

I don’t know. Everyone just seems so run of the mill this season.