March 2007

One thing you should know about me is I’m not that into sports. When I get the newspaper, the sports section is the first I throw out. It doesn’t even get a glance from me. And it’s because of this that I really don’t know much about any sports.

But that is changing.

I’m learning about the sport of running. (Don’t argue with me, men, running is a sport that’s been on the olympic list longer than pretty much any other). To be more specific, I’m learning about marathon running, mostly because I’m planning on running one. And it is this newfound knowledge that led me to seek out Deena Kastor, Olympic medalist and fastest woman in America, for an interview. You can read the results of that interview here.

As for marathon running, I’m a little intimidated. I learned, through my research, that I can be subject to a number of ailments including horribly ugly blisters, bloody nipples (from my clothes rubbing against them for 26 miles), and vomiting. None of these sounds very appealing for me, especially considering my only reaction to running so far has been this:

It’s a bit blurry and the lighting isn’t very good, but if you look closely you can see that my face is only red on one side. The right side of my face doesn’t flush, nor does it get warm or sweat. Meanwhile the left side of my face is pumping with blood and feels like it’s on fire and may explode at any moment. It’s actually a bit uncomfortable when it gets really bad (like if it’s hot out AND I’m running). Other than that it really just makes me look like a freak show.

But it was enough to keep me from running for pretty much my entire life up til now. So I don’t know what this whole bleeding tits thing is going to do to my new-found love of running. Hopefully it won’t happen until I actually run a marathon. That way I can say I did it, recover, and vow never to do it again.

For those of you who are interested in either joining me or cheering me on my next two runs are the Sacramento Zoo Zoom (10K) and the Lodi Avenue of the Vines (half-marathon). I suggest at least cheering me on at the half marathon because the finish is at the Woodbridge winery so you can get some drinks while you wait for me.

Now, please go check out my interview with Deena Kastor over at THENERVOUSBREAKDOWN.COM.


The Fortune Cookie Factory:

There’s a fortune cookie factory about two blocks from my house. Actually it looks more like a house than a factory, but it’s definitely got some major fortune cookie action going on in there.

I run past it every day and it smells delicious. I always want to stop mid-run, go inside, and beg for some fortune cookies. I’d even tell them I don’t need the fortune or the lucky numbers on the back, just the cookie.

Actually, the truth is I really want to go in there on the premise that I’d buy some fortune cookies. But what I really want is to see how they get the fortunes inside the cookies. I know I could probably just look it up on wikipedia or something, but I think it would be way more fun to go in and try to mime my request to the workers there (I’m pretty sure none of them speak English, at least none I’ve ever heard as I’ve been running by).

So what do you think? Do you think if I just walk into the fortune cookie factory one day with my camera and press pass they’ll tell me the secrets of the fortune cookie? Or do you think they’ll yell at me to get out?

I think I might actually frighten them, but one day I’m going to be just bored enough to try it. I can tell already.

Book 4: “Shopaholic and Baby” by Sophie Kinsella

Woohoo, I’m finally getting going on reading all these books. Book 4 was Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella. As you all know by now, I’m a huge Sophie Kinsella fan. I’ve read all of her books and absolutely adore them. This one was no exception.

Although I was a little put off by the subject matter at first, considering I’m not a fan of babies, I was drawn right into the book. From the very beginning we get Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) doing some of her crazy antics, like trying to sneak a peak at the baby’s gender while the ultrasound operator is out of the room.

The basics of the book are Becky is pregnant and finds out her obstetrician (Venetia Carter) is her husband’s ex-girlfriend. Of course, with her hormones out of wack, and being Becky Bloomwood, she assumes her husband is stepping out with the beautfiul Ms. Carter. And “Cruella de Venetia” does nothing to lessen Becky’s insecurities.

I’ve read all of the Sophie Kinsella books and this was the first one I wanted to read again. I thought it was hilarious and I caught myself laughing out loud a number of times. I think maybe I also found it endearing because it’s a part of life I haven’t experienced yet, but Becky’s experience put me right there as if it were me. Kinsella is still my one and only chick lit author. I hope she comes out with another book soon.

Okay, folks. That’s it for today. Hope you all are well. Only two days to the weekend! Hallelujah!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the public library. Three years and 15 days to be exact. Why do I know this? Because I tried to reserve a library book this weekend. I couldn’t request a book though because there was a “problem” with my account. Turns out I had a library fine dating back to March 6, 2004. But the best part is how much I owed for a three-year-old late fee:

A quarter. Twenty-five cents and I’m back in good standing with the Sacramento Public Library.

I only wish my credit cards would be this understanding.

Die-ins were staged all over the country yesterday. We had one in Sacramento that I attended. This is what it looked like:

I was highly disappointed though. There were only 30 people out there, and at least five were reporters or photographers. There are 500,000 people in Sacramento and only 30 of them showed up. To me that shows the apathy of our nation. And have to admit that I am now included in this bunch.

Before the war started I was very active in anti-war movements. I was in clubs and volunteer organizations. I went to protests on a monthly basis. I CARED. Today if you mention the word Iraq, I might listen. But more likely my eyes will glaze over. I’ve given up on reading about the war. It’s the same news every day and it’s all so defeating.

We’ve been in this war for 4 years now, and I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. And it’s because of people like me, who don’t support the war, but have grown accustomed to being at war. We’re tired of fighting and we’re tired of feeling like we have no say in what goes on in this country.

Even when the vote was up in 2004, half of us voted against the president and it didn’t make one iota of difference. I find it really disappointing, but until the war is over I think we’re all going to continue with our blinders on. We’re to the point that we just want to believe it’s not going on anymore, or that we can’t make a difference anyway.

P.S. I also have another new blog up at THENERVOUSBREAKDOWN.COM. Please go over and take a look. It’s an interview with the founders of Ideal Bite.

First, as promised I have a new nervous breakdown blog about why my grandmother’s funeral is being postponed. There are also some cool ideas for what you can opt for after death. No longer are we left to choose only burial or cremation. Click here to see what some of the new, somewhat creepy options are.

Now, onto today’s book review: “Naked,” by David Sedaris.

Yes, it’s another memoir. No, I’m not obsessed with memoirs, it just happens to be the “in” thing to publish right now. But this one is definitely worth reading.

This is the first Sedaris book I’ve read (one of his more well-known books is “Me Talk Pretty One Day”), but I plan to read more. “Naked” is set up as a series of short stories about his life, rather than as a long narrative. He chose some really great scenes that show what his family is/was like and what led him to where he is today.

The book starts off with him in grade school and he has all kinds of ticks and obsessive compulsive habits. It’s actually kind of scary to read about what he went through, but somehow funny at the same time.

Two of my favorite scenes have to be when he decided he loved Shakespeare and decides to speak only in Victorian English. I’ve never laughed so hard at the word “vexed.” The second is of him hitchiking across the country. Sedaris never got a drivers license, but wanted to travel so he resorted to hitchiking from state to state. When I was younger I always wanted to try this, but I always worried I’d end up with some weirdo so I never did it. Sedaris quit his own hitchiking ways and opted for the bus when he began getting the weirdos, one of which he describes in the book.

I don’t want to give too much away. You’ll have to read it for yourself, but for those of you who liked “Running With Scissors,” I’d recommend this book. It has the same tone, and you get all the funny scenes with no pedophile scenes.

For those of you who live in Sacramento you can check me out on the last page of the Sacramento News and Review until tomorrow (sorry I’m a bit late putting this up). If you’re lazy or you don’t live here, you can read my interview with the owners of Grind and Groove, Sacramento’s newest sex boutique here.

Also, the funeral has been postponed. More details about the reasons why will be given in my next nervousbreakdown piece (if I ever finish writing it).

Oh, and on Friday I went to my cousin’s wedding in Utah. No less than three people asked me if I remembered my wedding. Um, yeah, I do. Don’t think I’m going to forget it anytime soon. But thanks for bringing it up.

Actually it wasn’t really that bad until my dad, who waited until the dad/daughter dance, asked me if I remembered dancing with him at my wedding. At that point I had to leave because I couldn’t keep myself from crying. Is it weird that I got that upset about it when the divorce was almost two years ago now AND I’m in a committed relationship? I don’t know. I guess weddings are just emotional, and it doesn’t help that my family has no tact.

Anyway, hope you’re all enjoying this fab weather. I know I am!

Up until now I haven’t been very good about my New Year’s Resolution of reading one book a week, and I blame it on book two, “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.” I’ve been reading this book for about three months now and I just can’t bring myself to finish it (and I only have 17 pages left). I’m throwing in the towel though and moving on to better books (hopefully).

As a side note: This is the first book I’ve read by Dave Eggers, and I’ve been told not to judge his other works based on this memoir. Memoirs can be tricky beasts after all.

In the beginning I really enjoyed this book. Eggers actually did have an interesting life and he tells his story in stream-of-consciousness (sp?), which I found to be really interesting…at first. It was the first time I’ve read a book written in this style and I found it to be witty. I could actually see myself thinking the same kinds of things he was thinking as he went through different situations.

But then, as the book goes on, the whole stream-of-consciousness thing becomes really cumbersome. It blocks the flow of the story. It BORES me to tears. I started skipping pages halfway through because I felt like I’d already read most of what he was saying. My eyes glazed over and all I wanted to do was burn this book or throw it out the window. Anything to be finished with it.

I don’t know if I can count it as a book I’ve read, considering I never actually finished it. But I think having read 421 pages should count, don’t you?

Needless to say, I found this book highly disappointing and I don’t recommend it. You can read it’s synopsis on Wikipedia and get about the same amount of information there.

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