February 2007

I pretty much hate chick lit, but there is one author who, despite being placed in this genre, has made it into the heart of this book snob.

Sophie Kinsella won me over with her first book, “Shopaholic,” in which Becky Bloomwood tries all sorts of crazy schemes to get herself out of debt. I fell in love with this book because I connected so well with the main character. At the time, I was trying to get out of debt myself (still haven’t succeeded) and had tried many of the same things. I literally laughed out loud when I read this book. The only thing I found a bit disappointing was that she meets a rich guy and they fall in love. Sorry ladies, we can’t all have it that way (and this is why I usually hate chick lit books).

The shopaholic series went on for several books and I devoured them as quickly as I possibly could. Then Kinsella released “Can you keep a secret?” and “The Undomestic Goddess,” both of which I found just as hilarious as the adventures of Becky Bloomwood.

I hate to admit it, but I’m even on Sophie Kinsella’s newsletter list. I’m seriously a fan in the worst sense of the word. AND I’M GOING TO MEET HER THIS WEEK! That’s right folks, I don’t get stoked that Mandy Moore is seated only ten feet from me. I don’t freak out about meeting famous singers or movie stars. But I get totally crazy over a book author. What kind of freak am I?

Anyway, anybody who wants to see me beg for a picture and nervously ask about having a book signed, you are welcome to join me. She will be appearing at Macy’s Downtown Plaza on Thursday evening at 5:30 (Melissa is this right?).


Yesterday, after writing a blog about how much I despise shopping, I went to the mall.

I went for two reasons.

1. I received a call around noon, in which I learned I’d be taking pictures at The Park Ultra Lounge last night.

I don’t know if any of you have been to The Park. I hadn’t. I had only heard of it and I can tell you it definitely didn’t sound like my scene. And I was right. Granted, there were some normal people there, but for the most part The Park is basically a place for yuppie middle-aged businessmen looking for a quicky before they head home to their wives. It was filled with young women with fake tits looking for men with money. And I new I wouldn’t fit in with my regular going-out clothes.

Actual phrases I heard at The Park last night:

“Hey! You’re a lawyer, aren’t you?”

Indeed, the person in question was a lawyer. And soon got to chatting it up. Easy as that. You don’t have to be attractive if it’s assumed you have money (and with a $35 cover charge you better hope they have money).

“I’m not the type of girl that’s impressed by money.”

Oh puh-lease! Then WHY are you at The Park dressed in next to nothing with your fake tits hanging out? Oh, you are indeed impressed by money. You just don’t want to sound like a gold digger.

“Is that a hicky?”

Oh shit. Yes, that’s the other reason I went shopping.

I was trying to find something that would cover up a giant hickey.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. Only one guy noticed though so I feel pretty pleased with how things went.

I hope I never have to go back to The Park though. I hate feeling self-conscious when I should be having fun.

PS I have two new blogs at THENERVOUSBREAKDOWN.COM, one is about how I hate shopping, and the other is about Drag Kings.

I know you’re all excited it’s Valentine’s Day. What with the sappy cards and piles of chocolate, who couldn’t be happy? Oh, yeah, me.

You all knew I hated V-Day last year, but I bet you thought my tune would change now that I’m happily coupled. But I still think it’s a crap holiday. And you can read about it here.

My last day of work was Friday. But all my dreams of sitting around doing nothing have been smashed. I’ve gotten two more freelance assignments, both with Friday deadlines, so I’m trying to get those done. Also, I’m heading to Utah tomorrow so that puts a bit of a squeeze on my deadlines. That, or I’ll have to work on vacation (so not fun).

Anyway, I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever, but as soon as I get back I’ll be back for real. I’ll have news updates and current events stuff like I used to. No more all Becca all the time. I’ll have time to read (hopefully) and will have real stuff to talk about besides my boring old life.

Until then. Take it easy.

Yesterday I noticed my deodorant is running low. I’m going to visit my family in Utah in about a week so I figured I’d just wait and ask my parents to buy me some toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, etc.). But then I got this in the mail:

A free sample of degree deodorant, the exact kind I use! I thought it was rather serendipitous (although after I thought about it for awhile I remember I actually asked them to send this to me when I saw an ad on totallyfreecrap.com)

I really like the idea of serendipity though. I like the word too. Somehow it’s romantic sounding to me.

Serendipity: ser·en·dip·i·ty

1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. good fortune; luck: the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for.

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about serendipity.

As an example, one of my friends emailed me about a month ago asking if my newspaper was hiring. I told him they weren’t hiring at the moment, but he should turn in a resume anyway because I was thinking of leaving. He has an interview on Thursday. We hadn’t spoken in nearly a year before I got that email from him. That’s serendipity right?

Also, I discovered this new site, where you register books you’ve set out into the wild. When someone finds one of your books they can go to the site, enter the number and find out who left it there originally.

I often leave books on airplanes, in hotels and at coffee shops when I’m traveling. I figure other travelers will find them and not have to spend the money on a new book. But sometimes I worry they’ll think it’s lost or someone will come back for it so they won’t take it. I really like the idea of putting a stamp on there to let people know the book is free to be taken. The site calls this serendipity. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I suppose if it’s a book that changes someone’s life then it could be viewed as serendipitous, but only in hindsight, yes?

Anyway, you should check out the site. I’m going to be leaving books around town and maybe you’ll find one of mine (I know you’re super excited about the prospect of having a book once owned by me)! So, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to check the code at http://www.bookcrossing.com if you find a book in the wild.