If you’re one of those people who constantly complains there isn’t anything to do in Sacramento, then I have plans for you this weekend.

I’m about to show my ignorance about GLBT issues, but I’m writing this anyway.

See, I’ve heard of drag queens.

And I love to watch them. I spend the whole time saying “No, that has to be a woman! There’s no way that’s a man!”

I find it fascinating that men can be so pretty.

And, more recently I learned that there can be drag kings too.

Yes, those are women.

They’re part of a group called Kings of Drag and the Slickk Bois.

And they’re from right here in Sacramento!

Seriously though, the show was tons of fun and even interactive.

The “bois” pick members of the audience to sing to for some of the numbers.

And there was even a great boy band rendition:

And they’re performing again this Saturday at 17th and L streets!

Oh, and there’s a full bar.

They’re going to be raising money for Breaking Barriers with this event.

And I’ll be taking pictures (all the more reason to go right?).

SO, if you have time before going out I recommend catching the show.

It’s something different and fun to do and it raises money for a good cause.

PS Yes, Beth, I will still be at your birthday. I plan to walk there as soon as the show finishes.

PPS No I’m not being paid to write this advertisement. I just had a lot of fun when I went and thought you’d all like the chance to see Drag Kings. I think its pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

PPPS Buy tickets here.