That half marathon is getting closer.

I ran a 5K this weekend in the OC and I beat my best time by three-and-a-half minutes!

35:25 was the final score.

I’ve got a 10K in March.

I’m going to be running as often as possible til then.

Then I have to start training for the half marathon on May 20.

I actually think I might be able to pull this thing off.

That is unless I blow out my knee or something.

Knock on wood.

Oh, and I finished my book one of the new year: Freakonomics.

I’m not writing a review for this one though.

It’s our book club book this month so I’m going to hold off on the critique til then.

Okay then, hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday.

Watch for an upcoming nervousbreakdown about SoCal.