I shun most holiday traditions.

But for some reason I feel compelled to make New Years Resolutions every year.

This will be my third resolutions blog (I can’t believe I’ve been on myspace that long).

Instead of coming up with things I likely won’t complete, I’ve decided to go with things I was planning on doing anyway in the hopes I’ll be more likely to complete them.

Funny thing is after I wrote my list I looked up my last year’s goals and found that a lot of them are very similar, if not the same. Hm….I guess I didn’t do too well this past year.

Anyway, here we go:

1. Read one book a week AND write a review. I want to learn how to write better reviews and the only way to get better at something is to practice, right? I already have about 38 books on my list, which leaves 14 more possibilities. Any suggestions you have are welcome.

2. Move to a foreign country: Ha! This sounds impossible, but I assure you it’s not. I will be in France next year.

3. Sell all my stuff on eBay: I can’t take it all with me to France now can I? If it won’t fit in my suitcase, it’s got to go. This also means if you’ve been coveting anything of mine now is the time to speak up.

4. Learn basic German: After France I’m headed to Germany with the boy. I gotta learn how to speak if I’m going to make a good impression on his family there…

5. Run a 1/2-marathon: I don’t think my body is ready for a full marathon, but there’s a 1/2 that I want to do on May 20th. I guess that means I’ll have to start running a little more often.

6. Do outdoor rockclimbing: I’ve been going to the rockclimbing gym for a few months now and I have most of the gear. Now all I need is an experienced climber to go with me to Yosemite or Tahoe. I also want to do the Utah national parks with my sister this summer, but that can only happen if I learn all my stuff.

7. Get my TEFL certificate: Signed up yesterday and classes start on Jan. 26 so this one should be easy. After all, I need a job in France don’t I?

8. Start the list: I’d like to accomplish at least six things (one every other month) on the list this year.

That’s it folks. In the end I did accomplish some of my goals last year. I read more books, at least two a month. And I passed the CBEST this month, so that’s out of the way. And I did have a lot of fun, something I hope to continue in the coming years.

What are your resolutions? Anything weird?