First, I want to thank everyone for all the fabulous birthday and Christmas wishes! I was in Arizona and away from internet access so I couldn’t write you all back. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday though.

Now, onto the topic of my blog. I think I may have actually had food poisoning and not the flu. I thought this from the beginning, but because I REALLY liked the restaurant I didn’t want to give it a bad name by saying I got food poisoning there. So instead I convinced myself it was the flu. The only thing is that I was 100 percent better Friday morning.

As though I had never gotten sick at all.

I think that’s a sure sign it was actually food poisoning. We went to this fondue place on Tuesday night and they serve up a huge plate of raw seafood and meat that you cook yourself. I probably didn’t keep a piece of meat in the oil long enough and Voila!

At least I was better for the trip to Arizona. I’ll be writing about it on thenervousbreakdown so I won’t spoil it for you all here, except to say it turned out to be a really good trip. The sunshine really helped my seasonal depression. If I wasn’t worried about contributing to the rampant sprawl in that state, I would definitely move there.

Okay then, be safe out there.