I never thought I’d be one of those people who eats frozen meals. I’ve always thought they were disgusting looking. And the idea of them pretty much grosses me out. In general, I’m not a big fan of frozen food, especially frozen vegetables.

But in an effort to spend less money on lunches and eat fewer calories, I’ve begun bringing frozen meals to work for lunch. In the past few weeks I’ve found a few that I don’t like at all and others that are actually not that bad. I tend to stick to the low cal ones like lean cusine and healthy choice. But my favorites are smart ones. I think smart ones have the best choices, while healthy choice is probably my least favorite.

What I don’t like about healthy choice is the addition of vegetables. There is nothing worse than  puny  frozen vegetables. They just look so unhealthy, even after they’ve been cooked.

In all, I prefer real food. But if you’re going to buy frozen meals, I recommend Smart Ones’s chicken enchilada suiza or three cheese ziti marinara.

Oh, and NONE of these brands look like the picture on the box. I guess that’s typical for any kind of food though.