A few months ago I wrote about the iAccessory must-haves, and I finally bought one of them — iLingo. Only thing is it doesn’t work. First, it wouldn’t install. And, no, this was not me being a girl and not knowing how to install something. It gets stuck halfway through the process. It’s a common flaw with the software. Common enough that it’s the number one question on their support page. Worst of all: There’s no customer service number. Only a “contact us” link.

So I emailed them for my new installation package and it took four days and three threatening emails before they finally sent me the links. Got the links last night and did the install. Woohoo!

Nope, not really. Sure the program installed and the cute little words show up on my iPod nano, but no sound comes out! Grrrrr! I want to return it but I bought it off Amazon and it seems like too much of a pain to send it back. My recommendation: don’t buy iLingo.