My friend Nathan posted a blog yesterday about a recent experience he had in a New York bar and it got me thinking about tipping.

When I was living in Paris I got my haircut and didn’t know whether it was customary to leave a tip. So I asked the hairdresser if it was allowed and she said yes. I tried to hand over five euros but she declined, saying it was far too much to tip. My haircut cost 35 euros, so by American standards a five euro tip wasn’t too much. She’d only accept 1 euro.

I can’t even imagine this same scenario happening here, where the service industry now has some sort of entitlement complex. They act as though they should be tipped regardless of whether they refilled your water or left you high and dry through the entire meal.

My boyfriend always leaves a tip, even if we get terrible service. Usually I’ll leave a few dollars, but I’m not one of those people who leaves a tip no matter what. What do you guys think?