I did my first 10K on Thanksgiving and I managed to do the whole thing without walking. My jogging is about as fast as walking though. I had an average 12.5 minute mile, but I was so proud of myself for making it through. I only wish Steph could have been there again to laugh with me when I got passed up by some 80-year-old man who was speed walking. Tony, Sof, my sister Jess and I ran it all. I was the last of the crowd, but only came in 10 minutes after the first of us (Tony). Final time 1:18:32. Only one minute faster than double my 5K time. Heck yes!

I also went rock climbing yesterday with Tony and Jess. Now my legs and back are SO sore. I’m definitely a weekend warrior when it comes to working out. There’s just so much extra time to plan adventures on the weekends. I should really try to workout more often though so I don’t get as sore.

Luckily it’s a long weekend though so we have time to recoup and Tony showed me how to play some video games. Ahem, he even got kicked off for about four hours today while me and my sister had a bit of sibling rivalry going on. I can totally see how these things are addictive.

I hope everyone had a great turkey day! Now it’s onward to Christmas. Make sure to spend, spend, spend.