It’s been nearly two months since Tony moved in, but this week we have a newcomer to the equation: The XBox 360. Will the relationship limits be tested? I think yes.

I hate to be the cliche girlfriend and get pissed about video games, but Tony bought it Sunday and we’ve already gotten in an argument about it. I know the girls will feel me on this one and the boys will probably think I’m being typical. But the things is I’m not your mom and the XBox makes me feel like I am.

Asking if it’s okay for you to play video games while your friend is online already waiting for you puts me in a bad position. It’s like when I used to bring my friend home with me from school AND THEN ask my mom if it was okay. Hello?!?!!? What is she supposed to say?

Men, if you don’t want the video games to be a problem then don’t treat us like your mom and don’t marginalize us for a damn machine. If you make plan with us and you blow them off to get to the next level OF COURSE we’re going to be pissed. Don’t expect any different and we’ll be fine.