…and I haven’t even finished looking at all of the propositions! Agh, life has been busy lately. Here’s the next two for your election homework:

Proposition 88: Education funding, real property parcel tax.

YES VOTE: A $50 tax increase on property taxes to fund class size reduction, instructional materials, school safety and facilities grants for K-12 education.

NO VOTE: No tax increase.

MY TAKE: Well, there are exemptions to this tax, including one for people actually living on their property. What this means is that people who would be paying this tax are people renting out property or corporations who own large amounts of property for commercial purposes. Poor people like me, who could never afford my own house much less one to rent out, won’t have to pay this tax. In that case, I’m all for it.

Proposition 89: Political Campaigns. Public Financing. Corporate Tax Increase. Contribution and Expenditure Limits. Initiative Statute.

YES VOTE: Major changes to the way that political campaigns for state candidates and ballot measures are funded. Candidates could choose to receive public funding for the costs of their campaigns. For those candidates choosing not to receive public funding, existing limits on the amount of political donations (..contributions..) would be lowered.

NO VOTE: No change.

MY TAKE: Currently corporations give money to the candidate they want to back. Forcing them to pay a tax to go into a pot that would be paid out to any candidate looking for public campaign funds doesn’t seem right. Could you imagine being pro-woman company and finding out your taxes went to back an anti-choice candidate? I think the current system is best because it allows us to see who and what corporations support. And in turn, we can choose where to shop or spend our money.