Proposition 87, alternative energy research, production, incentives. Tax on California oil:

YES VOTE: California oil would be taxed to pay for alternative energy research and incentives. The measure states that producers would not be allowed to pass on the cost of this severance tax to consumers through increased costs for oil, gasoline, or diesel fuel.

NO VOTE: No change.

MY TAKE: Meh, why not? I’m bothered by the fact that the types of alternative energy to be researched is not identified, but I figure the more oil costs the less people will use it. Probably won’t happen though.

Also, you can register to vote now on myspace. I think the deadline for California voters already passed for this election, but register now so you’ll be ready for next election.

PS I signed up for the run to feed the hungry today and am trying to raise some extra cash for the Sacramento food bank. If you’d like to donate to them click here.