Today’s election tutorial is on Proposition 86, tax on cigarettes.

YES VOTE: This initiative would add $2.60 to each pack of cigarettes, raising the price to nearly $7 per pack. The money wouldn’t go to smoking cessation programs, but to prevention programs and tobacco-related disease research.

NO VOTE: No change. The current prevention programs under proposition 99 (passed in 1988) would remain exactly as is.

MY TAKE: Personally, I feel like this is the government trying to put tobacco companies out of business. I’m not a smoker, nor will I ever be. Mostly I don’t smoke because it could kill me, but also because it’s a disgusting habit. It encourages littering and it makes my hair smell bad. And I KNOW this. So does every other American because prevention has been going on since the early 80’s.

I’ve been reading about lung cancer and emphysema since I was in the third grade. I attended yearly assembly meetings where they showed us pictures of blackened lungs. I’ve been around for the tobacco trials, the lame truth commercials and the tax a few years back that double the price of a pack of cigarettes. If I still choose to smoke it’s my own fault if I die from it. Adding more taxes to the price of cigarettes isn’t going to keep anyone from smoking who would have otherwise picked up a light. This initiative and these programs are overkill.

In similarly related news:

Last night I saw Thank You For Smoking and thought it was really good. I liked that it wasn’t just some lame documentary. It pointed out some interesting things about the tobacco industry while still being humorous and had a real story line.

Also, it looks like they’re making Fast Food Nation into a movie. I loved the book and I just hope the movie doesn’t ruin the premise.