Time to discuss Proposition 85, which I have to tell you is on a topic I’m not exactly thrilled to be discussing AGAIN. I do believe last year’s election had the same issue on the ballot, only as Proposition 73. In fact, if you check out the two links this year’s description looks as though it’s just been cut and pasted from last year’s.

Oh, what’s the issue? You ask.

Abortion, of course. But only one little piece of abortion. They figure if they can chip away at Roe v. Wade piece by piece we won’t notice. OR if they keep putting the EXACT SAME initiative on the ballot after we’ve alredy voted NO, we won’t notice. And as much as I hate bringing up this subject because it gets so many people so upset, my hand has been forced. So here we go:

YES VOTE: Parents will be notified 48 hours in advance of their daughter trying to get an abortion, except if a major medical condition exists requiring immediate action. Minors can, however, go to court and ask the court’s permission to have an abortion sans parental consent.

NO VOTE: Roe v. Wade stays intact. No change.

MY TAKE: Look at the analysis background. This law was passed in 1987 and was later found to be unconstitutional and thrown out. Since then they’ve been trying to get it signed back into law so they can have it thrown out again. Seems like a lot of wasted energy to me.

As for the actual law, I’m conflicted. Even if a minor has the gumption to go to a court of law to seek permission to subvert the parental permission clause, I doubt it would get through our court system before the child is born. I don’t think abortion is an answer to an unwanted pregnancy, but then I’ve never been pregnant so who am I to say. All I CAN say is I think it’s a lot of emotional stress and I think most children would want the support of their parents in either decision (keeping or aborting). However, I find this to be highly unlikely in many cases in puritan America.

I guess the religious right is just hoping we’ll get sick of them forcing a vote on this issue and finally give in. They may be right.