How did I go from having nothing to blog about to having enough subjects to fill a number of blogs? Today’s proposition isn’t one of the really controversial ones so I thought I’d throw in a few other topics for discussion…

Disappointment of the week: On Tuesday Bill Bryson released a new book. Learning this I immediately looked to see if there were any author events in my area (because that’s what a new book means). I was ecstatic when I saw one for San Francisco. That quickly wore off when I saw that it was sold out. Once again I’ll be missing out on seeing one of my most favorite authors.

Lodi on the map: Last night I was watching Top Chef after Project Runway (which was disappointment no. 2 this week) and saw that one of the chef’s is from Lodi’s Wine and Roses. Very cool. The show would have been a bomb if I didn’t have someone to root for.

Another nervousbreakdown: Hope you guys are getting a chance to explore this site. Most of the other bloggers are WAY more interesting than me, but I have some stuff to say too. Oh, and if you have a comment on those blogs please leave it there instead of on here. That way the publisher knows you’re reading my stuff. Thanks!

And now for our daily election lesson: Proposition 84

YES VOTE: This initiative allows the state to sell $5.4 billion in general obligation bonds for safe drinking water, water quality, and water supply; flood control; natural resource protection; and park improvements. The money would go to various state agencies or be allocated for loans and grants, primarily to local agencies and nonprofit organizations.

NO VOTE: Opponents of this bond say water quality and waterways will be improved through Proposition 1E (flood prevention). A no vote would mean no bond and no changes, especially if both this and 1E are voted down.

MY TAKE: Again, I feel they’ve tried to find a solution for a number of problems with one single law. The problem most people will have is that they agree with some of this but not all of it. I recommend taking a look at the link I provided because it has a breakdown of how the money will be spent. $5 billion is a lot of money to give over to the bureaucracy. However, a lot of the waterways they are looking at improving and cleaning up are in my area, namely the Delta and San Joaquin waterways. Not only are these areas near me, but they provide water for most of the state. That sounds good to me.