Wow, the fourth Harry Potter book looked so daunting but it took me less than a week to read. For a series I was totally against reading, I sure have become rather enthralled. The books are so easy to read and fun too.

What I like about the Harry Potter series is that it allows me to use my imagination in a way I can’t remember doing since I was a kid. The books aren’t too childish so as to make me cringe. They’re simply imaginitive and entertaining. They allow for an escape from reality that most books don’t allow.

Not to say that I don’t enjoy other books. I just don’t get lost in them the way I have done with these books. I’m SO looking forward to the next one. And yes, I do realize I’m behind the times but I’m glad for it. I get to enjoy them without the hype.

PS If anyone has number five I’d be super happy to not have to buy it…

PPS Is anyone else ever really sad when they finish a really good book? Sometimes I just wish they wouldn’t end because I’m having so much fun reading them.