Alright people, I know I’m usually out of the loop on the latest TV shows,but Tony’s got me hooked on Project Runway and tonight is the finale. So I thought I’d take a little poll. I want to know who you think will win, and who you think should win (these are two very different things).

Here’s my take:

Michael Knight: I think Michael is the best designer on this show because he has versatility and he makes wearable clothes. But he doesn’t do well with haute couture and evening gowns so the judges seem skeptical. I think he should win because he consistently comes up with good designs.

Jeffrey: Granted, Jeffrey is a good designer. He always comes up with something innovative and interesting. The problem is he’s cocky and difficult to work with. I don’t like him mostly because he doesn’t design things “normal” people could actually wear on a daily basis.

Uli: I love Uli. I think her clothes look fun and flirty. Unfortunately she’s shown little growth throughout the show. Most of her outfits look very similar, although at least modern and cute.

Laura: If she wins I’ll swear it was a setup. This woman has designed at least ten dresses that are EXACTLY the same only in different colors. She bores me to death. Sure, she’d be great in a niche market that only sells low v-neck tight-fitting cocktail dresses, but as a high-fashion designer she doesn’t belong. She should have been kicked off long ago.

So what’s your take? What order would you put them in?

PS If you don’t know what I’m talking about go here.