What is it with the media that they think if they repeat themselve often enough their message will get through? Like when you hear the same songs on the radio every hour on the hour. Or the same commercials on TV during every single show.

The truth of the matter is I just tune them out. I get sick of the same songs and I turn the station or turn my radio off all together. I record TV shows so I can fast forward through the commercials. Even more often, I just don’t watch it at all.

I’m sick to death of all of this repetition. Even in the newspapers and on the news we get stories regurgitated day after day. The headlines and the stories scream the same messages over and over and over again:

Global Warming!
West Nile Virus!
Avian Flu!

Personally, I think there should be a limit to how often they can use these words. Maybe they could even ban them for awhile just to give us a some time to repose. To be perfectly honest I don’t even read stories carrying the above headlines anymore.