This poor bear got drunk from eating rotten apples and stumbled into an urbanized area looking for food. Poor thing was shot with a tranquilizer then tagged for its first offense. I wonder how many offenses it gets before it gets shot with a real gun. 😦 It’s not the bears’ fault we decided to build where they used to live.

Honestly though, I think they end up in a zoo, not dead if they have too many offenses. Folsom Zoo has some of the most well-known problem bears, who work for Yosemite National Park to test bear-proof container prototypes before they can be sold to backpackers.

PS Check out the video with the story. I’ve never seen a drunk bear before. Actually, I never even though about whether other animals could get drunk before. I guess it’s only common sense that if humans can get drunk so can other animals. Hmm….I wonder how many guys out there are plotting crimes against their girlfriend’s pets at this very moment…