I came across a blog today by way of riotlit and in it they talk about having blog fatigue. The guy says something to the effect that he has blog fatigue, he no longer writes six blogs a day. That must have been what happened to me. I don’t know how I used to write so many blogs a day because I can barely come up with three ideas a week for blogs now. It makes me kind of sad, but I guess my brain knew I needed a break. Hopefully this break will be over soon because I miss writing my blogs.

Somehow though I don’t think it’s just blog fatigue. (like how I just made that it’s own medical diagnosis now that I read it?) I think it’s just fatigue in general. I’m bored lately even though I’m super busy. My brain doesn’t seem to think as much or come up with ideas. On top of that, I’m totally scatterbrained and forgetful. I feel like it’s a symptom of growing up. When I was a kid I never forgot anything. These days I can barely remember what I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow.

Anyway, hope everything’s going good with everybody. We should plan a group outing soon. Maybe another Hooters night? It’s been a few months…

PS Check out http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com if you’re bored.