I just got my car back. The repairs ended up only costing $639 because I cried. Not to say that this is the best method, but I was frustrated and exhausted so when they could only approve me for $500 credit toward the repairs the tears just came. The girl at the counter felt sorry for me and gave me a discount, then when the repair guy came in and talked to me I just got more upset. I guess he felt bad for me too because he gave me another 10 percent off.

It was a relief because it meant I had the $139 I needed to pay for it, except now I can’t pay my student loan this month, but that’s just Uncle Sam. He’s pretty forgiving, right?

Anyway, the real reason I was writing today is because while I was waiting for my car to get fixed I was unpacking some boxes and I found a letter I wrote to myself when I joined sorority (we had to do it). It was dated Oct. 4, 2004, but it could have been written by me today. I guess not so much has really changed. Here’s an excerpt:

“As always work is frustrating because I feel like no matter how much I work I still have no money and I feel like work gets in the way of me doing well in school and me doing things that I really want to do. Why oh why can’t I be independently wealthy or win the lottery?!? Maybe someday somebody really rich will feel sorry for me and give me a ton of money…”

Oh and my favorite is the last line of the letter to myself:

“I hope Bush gets voted out of office.”

Too bad that didn’t happen.

Kay, well I’m feeling better now that my car is at least running. Hope you are all doing well.