Today is my last day in Costa Rica. It’s been awhile since I’ve written because we were staying in Ecolodges where there was no electricity in some and definitely no internet in all. While I’d love to tell you all about my fabulous adventures, instead I’m going to rant because of carry-on luggage and terrorists.

What does this have to do with Canada? Well, on this trip there are about 58 Americans and 7 Canadians. Last night when we found out about the terrorist plot and the definite delays in our flight plans today everyone started worrying about what we would be allowed to bring on our flights and what we should just leave here.

This is where the Canadians come in. One girl, who had spent the whole trip talking about how evil Americans are, breaks into the conversation with [Damn Americans.[ (sorry I can’t find the quotations marks on this computer). Of course she was thinking everyone would just let her leave it at that, but I couldn’t stop myself. I asked her how she knew it had to with the United States. We didn’t have any details or information other than that we aren’t allowed to bring liquid onto the plane.

Her response: because the Americans are always pissing everybody off. And everyone hates Americans.

This in a group where she is well outnumbered by Americans. On top of that she went on to say how closed-minded Americans are WHILE making a blanket statement about a country with 300 million people in it. Yes, there are Americans who don’t care about the rest of the world, but I would think that she would be able to see we are not all like that especially whe she’s on a trip with a majority of Americans who have decided to give up their time to volunteer and help another country and learn about its culture and people.

Sorry, that was a huge run-on sentence and I’m running out of time, but I’m really annoyed. The other Canadians on the trip all chimed in with their [everyone hates Americans[ speeches too and I just looked at them all incredulously. When we asked them why they told us it’s because the United States is too powerful and other countries are afraid we’ll do whatever we want.

We only have power because they believe we do. Yeah, we have a military and political pull, but if other countries decided they didn’t want to work with us anymore I’m sure they’d figure out how to get along without us. I think a lot of the United States’ power is perceived. It seems almost like propaganda in a way.

Okay, I’m rambling now and not really getting my point across. Maybe some of you could try to explain what I’m trying to say? Discuss amongst  yourselves. I’ll be back soon.